Searching for the Perfect Virtual Assistant?

We provide highly trained administrative and specialized
remote workers with a wide range of services.

Your new remote worker is a real person and a skilled professional. You decide when you need support for your business and we provide the right resources. You will be matched with a Virtual Services Manager who will be a consistent, main point of contact ideally suited for your unique needs. You get to save time and money by delegating tasks so that you can focus on growing your business rather than working in it.

Executive Assistants

Executive services that offer a professional and executive approach to your business.

General Assistants

Ideal for small and mid-level businesses, helping you focus on growing your business.

Email Management

Focus on what’s really important instead of spending time sifting through what’s not.

Calendar Management

We’ll take care of your daily schedule and planning details so you can focus on your big vision.

Social Media

Leave the day-to-day social media tasks to a reliable partner and relax knowing you are always in front of your customers.



Let us create, curate and share engaging content keeping prospects and clients coming back for more.


We can help you craft persuasive emails, sales letters, social media posts and more.

Data Entry

We help with the little time-consuming tasks like entering tedious, but crucial, data.

Website Maintenance

We can help ensure that your website is regularly updated, backed-up, has strong security, and even fresh content.

Website Development

We can design a responsive, high-ranking website that will drive prospects and have a design assistant there when you need. 



Spend your time doing the things that move the needle in your business. We’ve got your books and accounts organized and on track.


A dedicated research assistant always at hand to find data on clients, prospects, competition, or anything else you might need.


At FrameWork we recognize that not all businesses are the same, nor are the services they require, so we have created multiple pricing options to choose from. Whether you prefer to have reliable, consistent monthly payments, blocks of hours (billed in 15-minute increments), or our unique pay-as-you-go credit model, we are certain there is a model that is just right for you. 

Choose your budget, select your pricing model, and GO!

How it works

FrameWork credits are based on hours worked and the complexity of the project. Typically, tasks fall into one of the following credit rates:

4 credits per hour: Basic Administration/Virtual Assistance (data entry, scheduling/calendar management, travel arrangements)

5 credits per hour: Bookkeeping, Project Management

6 credits per hour: Social Media management, Website administration

8 credits per hour: Graphic Design, Copywriting, Sales/Marketing

10 credits per hour: Website design/ development (Full Stack)

20 credits per hour: Consulting

Why do we use credits?

We don’t like monthly invoices and neither do our clients.

Credits give you better control over your spending, with no recurring subscription fees and no expiry date.

Credits give us flexibility to offer a wide range of services, as well as add new services at any time.

We send out regular updates with your credit spending and services used.

What happens

Step 1: Purchase your credits

Step 2: Initiate tasks

Step 3: Receive regular updates

Step 4: Credit refills can be automated or upon request

Are You Ready To Get Started?