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FrameWork Credits

We have designed a billing system that meets the diverse needs of our clients, as well as the needs of our staff. FrameWork Credit Bundles are similar to other subscription-based models, and they offer more flexibility. We can offer a wide variety of services to our clients, no matter how many credits they purchase. It gives clients more control over their spending – no more surprising monthly invoices. Our clients can track their credits to see how much they’ve spent and how much they have left to use. They receive regular updates, and are notified when credits are running low. There is the option to have credits auto-refill, or refill upon request.

How it works

FrameWork credits are based on hours worked and the complexity of the project. Typically, tasks fall into one of the following credit rates:

4 credits per hour: Basic Administration/Virtual Assistance (data entry, scheduling/calendar management, travel arrangements)

5 credits per hour: Bookkeeping, Project Management

6 credits per hour: Social Media management, Website administration

8 credits per hour: Graphic Design, Copywriting, Sales/Marketing

12 credits per hour: Website design/ development (Full Stack)

25 credits per hour: Consulting

Why do we use credits?

  • We don’t like monthly invoices and neither do our clients.
  • Credits give you better control over your spending, with no recurring subscription fees and no expiry date.
  • Credits give us flexibility to offer a wide range of services, as well as add new services at any time.
  • We send out regular updates with your credit spending and services used.

What happens

Step 1: Purchase your credits

Step 2: Initiate tasks

Step 3: Receive regular updates

Step 4: Credit refills can be automated or upon request

Discount Tiers

5% off when you spend over $1,250 (CAD)
10% off when you spend over $2,500 (CAD)


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